Adam Renovations Ltd Has Partnered With Ealing Council To Take On Two Apprentices

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Adam Renovations Ltd, a leading West London building company known for partnering with some of the area’s top landlords, architects, designers and other companies, has formed a new partnership with another local company. This time, that partnership benefits today’s young, talented workforce by way of an apprenticeship programme through Ealing Council Work West.

     This is a first for Adam Renovations Ltd, and Artjom Aleksandridis, managing director of Adam Renovations LTD, had this to say about his experience with Ealing Council’s Work West apprenticeship programme, ‘The process of recruiting an apprentice couldn’t have been easier. We contacted Ealing Apprenticeship Network, they were very informative and supportive and put us in touch with the training provider JGA who helped us in the process of selecting and recruiting our apprentices.”

The Apprentices

     Ealing Council Work West provided Adam Renovations LTD with two incredibly talented young Business Administration apprentices, Yunus Cengiz and Tia Alexander. Both are very excited for the opportunity to work with one of London’s top construction companies. Yunus stated, “I’m really enjoying it; every day is different and offers new opportunities to improve and develop.” Tia, who has recently started her apprenticeship journey stated, “I contacted the council to get advice on apprenticeships, I was referred to Ealing Apprenticeship Network who helped me to write my CV and prepared me for interviews. After two weeks in the programme I was offered a business administration role at Adams Renovations.”

What Is An Apprenticeship?

     With all of this talk about apprenticeships, you might be wondering just what an apprentice is. An apprentice is a worker who works in a real job and who gains hands-on experience. Apprentices receive many of the same benefits as other employees, including a contract of employment and holiday leave. One important difference, however, is how the apprentice is paid.

     Apprentices receive paid-for training which is funded by both the government and the employer and they receive a regular salary. To qualify for an apprenticeship, candidates must be older than 16 and the apprenticeship can take anywhere between 1 and 6 years to complete, depending on a wide range of factors including the apprenticeship, the level it’s at, and the candidate’s experience.

Contact Adam Renovations Ltd

     to find out more about apprenticeships, contact Adam Renovations Ltd, or Work West today and speak with an apprenticeship expert who can answer any questions you might have.

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