Building on a Budget – Is it a Possibility?

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Building on a Budget – Is it a Possibility?

Everyone has a budget when it comes to a renovation project or new build. Even the most generous of budgets will struggle to accommodate all wants and needs but when your budget is a lot less than you want it to be, is building on a budget really an option?

TIP 1 – Get the basics right

The basics of any build is the overall structure, its strength and integrity. Get this right and the detail can be added at a later date. What this means is investing in a structure, shape and design of a property that really meets your needs.

For example, why opt for a single storey extension with all the finish if what you really need is a two-storey extension?

TIP 2 – Utilities and trades

Once the structure is complete, you need to pay close attention to the utilities and other specialist trades. Depending on your skill level, you may be able to complete some of these yourself.

However, electrics and gas installations should never be a DIY task.

TIP 3 – Decide on what is really important…

… and how much of these you can do yourself.

For example, wet underfloor heating systems are common for new build or extensions. And efficient means of heating a room, the piping and manifold can be fitted by a competent DIY-er with the final connections to the boiler and water system etc. completed by a Gas safe engineer. This saves you money, but you still get the heating system you want.

TIP 4 – YOU decide what is important

When it comes to the detailing of a room or a new build, there is only one person who can decide what is important and which are less so: YOU.

But here are some tips;

  • Spend your budget on items that can’t be changed easily or will be in situ for a long time;
    • Don’t compromise on the quality of flooring
    • Wall finishes are important too, such as tiling in the bathroom
  • Some items can be changed easily;
    • Taps in the bathroom can be easily changed so do you really need the expensive waterfall bath tap now?
    • Details such light fittings can also be changed so why not live in your new build for a while to see what needs altering?

TIP 5 – DIY only if you are confident

You might think a certain aspect of building your home is ‘easy’ but if it is not done in the right way could lead to expensive remedial work.

The solution to building successfully on a budget? Get the professionals involved!

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