Why you don’t need to move home to create more living space

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No matter whether you’re adding to your family or growing your business, you may have a need to create some extra space at your residential or commercial premises. For most, the obvious and only solution is to move property. However, you don’t need to go through the upheaval and expense associated with this. From an extension to a loft conversion, there are numerous ways you can create more space at your home or business.

Using the space you already have

Space is most certainly at a premium in the current day and age. It’s easy to outgrow the house you currently live in, or to find that your workforce is too big for the offices you use. This does not mean that you need to up sticks and move, though. There are numerous ways for you to make the most of the property you already have. This includes having an extension built, a basement or loft conversion, a refurbishment, or a bespoke build. We can help you determine the right solution for you based on your requirements and your current property.

Loft conversions and extensions present you with excellent ways of making the most of the space you have available to you. Loft conversions don’t always require planning permission, they can be completed fairly quickly, you won’t have to use up any of your garden space, and better still, can be a cost-efficient way of adding value to your home. On the other hand, an extension provides more flexibility than a loft conversion does, as you can build an entirely new space without being confined by pre-built dimensions. You also have the option of creating a two-story extension and building upwards to benefit from more room.

How we can help

At Adam Renovations Ltd, we have years of experience in the building industry, establishing ourselves as a reputable building firm within the West London area. We have worked with numerous designers, architects, landlords, and other companies over the past few years to ensure that business owners and homeowners are realising their property’s full potential. We know that space is often hard to find these days, but we promise that we can help you to make the most of your property.

No matter whether we are working on a new house construction or commercial premises for business use, we always endeavour to build strong relationships with our clients. We believe that is the only way to deliver the best results. Our team has many years of experience in dealing with all types of projects, big and small, and differing in terms of the degree of difficulty entailed. We will manage your project every step of the way, from dealing with planning permissions and architect plans to overseeing the finishing touches and ensuring that all of your needs are accommodated.

Want to see how we can make more of the space you already have? Why not call us for a consultation so we can assess your options and provide some great ways for you to gain more space without moving to a larger property?

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