Emergencies, prevention and what to do when they happen

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If you read the news or watch TV on regular basis it’s clear that serious accidents do happen on daily basis no matter if it’s a new house or a property in need of repairs. As there are quite a few services going in such as gas, electric and water supply, there are plenty of things that may go wrong without the appropriate maintenance and checks. Here are some potential things that can cause some serious harm to both you and your finances:

  • Gas leak, potentially lethal with inhaling or combustion leading to an explosion
  • Water leaks and flooding is one of the most damaging incidents that can happen costing thousands in repairs
  • Electrical failures or power cuts
  • Roof damage by adverse weather conditions
  • Structural cracks with considerable movement
  • Vermin problem such as mice, rats and others
  • Broken glass, jammed door lock or break ins

How can we mitigate the risk?

  1. Always carry out annual checks on your boiler and gas equipment such as hob or oven, this can be easily arranged by your local gas certified engineer and would cost you in the region of £120 (anything over this would be too much). If you find that there is particular smell that’s familiar or you are getting dizzy, get out of the room and call for professionals. Try using Checkatrade.com where all you have to do is put your post code and you will see a list of local tradesmen ready to help.
  2. Never underestimate the importance of services going in your walls and floors, these are the backbone of your fort and if they are not in good shape, you will find yourself in a ton of trouble. It’s crucial to invest into essentials first and then concentrate the remaining budget on cosmetics, albeit it’s easier said than done. It’s our natural instinct to save on things that seem to not matter that much, and you can’t really see. If you come across a leak that you can’t switch off, locate your main water supply stop cock and turn it off. This will stop the water and give you time to call a plumber.
  3. Keeping the wiring in check will guarantee an uninterrupted service for your lights, sockets, TV, broadband and so on. Carrying out an annual check by a certified electrician will save you both money and time in the future. Look for NICEIC certification when choosing your specialist.
  4. Flying or broken roof tiles are the leading cause of major damage internally in heavy rain, so you better be prepared if this happens. Call a local maintenance company who can help if the worst to occur. To prevent this, it’s good to keep your roof washed every 3-5 years, keep your gutter clean with doing an annual service and replace bad areas in good time.
  5. It’s not unheard of to find an inch-thick crack behind a wardrobe or another piece of furniture. Don’t panic but do get in touch with a structural engineer at your earliest convenience. The building isn’t going to pack in right that second, it’s typically the long-lasting effect what’d worrying
  6. Any type of vermin can carry diseases which can be very harmful to people, so first line of defence would be not leaving any food or water in plain site or in places easy to reach. Couple of mouse traps can work wonders to bring some results quickly but best bet is to call a specialist in who will make sure the issue is resolved once and for all.
  7. What to do if a window got broken? If the weather permits, contact local suppliers for help or your trusted builder. In the mean time you need a board or thick plastic sheet to cover over. Run down to your local store if you haven’t got anything useful that you can find.

What to do if the door won’t open? We would advise against calling a locksmith unless you know them personally, someone recommended them, or you are desperate. A lot of the cases we came across got resolved by simple lock lubricant. If this doesn’t work the lock is normally changed which means that someone needs to break in for you. This can be any carpenter or handyman that won’t charge you £500 for one door.

What to do if I had a break in? Number one would be to call the police, then your insurers and then your family. It’s a tough time but with a bit of support you will get through it. Call your trusted contractor to come and fix new locks and extra rails for peace of mind.

Hopefully, this little guide will aid you in your life and won’t get you stifled when something bad happens. Keep a positive mind and remember that it’s only a day in your life with many good ones will follow.

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