How to build a successful construction company

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As with any business, it takes guts and dedication to attempt to build something that will be able to compete in today’s market. There are always reasons why not to start your own company since the road to success is riddled with uncertainty. The starting point can be daunting with long hours and worries over finances. However, the upside is that you could be doing something that you love, enjoy and earn more money than in any employment over time. If it happens that construction is your calling, we have a plan of action that you ought to follow to start and build your business from the ground up.

  • Get into trade and learn as much as you can by talking to your work colleagues and customers
  • Research products, watch videos online and get familiar with building regulations
  • Start small with taking on lower value projects which you can properly manage and complete to a high standard
  • Your reputation is everything, so make sure you do your utmost right from the start
  • Treat your employees and sub-contractors with respect, they are your most valuable asset
  • Create a website, social media accounts and post pictures or videos
  • Start a blog or vlog (video)
  • Hire talented people who are specialists in their area
  • Consider hiring people you can train for procedures of lower importance such as admin work
  • Use sites such as and to find leads (very helpful at the beginning)
  • Use Zipcar if you haven’t got enough money to buy a van, but do get one as soon as you saved some money
  • Keep in mind that you are competing against multiple companies and trades, so it’s highly important to be professional at all times, due diligent in responding to queries and communicating with both your staff and customers on daily basis even if it’s a weekend

It doesn’t take a massive budget to make a start, just having a little security in the bank is all you need. Don’t spend crazy amount of money on marketing, just make sure you do the best job possible and go the extra mile for the clients. They will appreciate it and spread the good word for you. Work hard, stay motivated and read/listen books about people who already done what you are trying to achieve, for example Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers as well as many others.

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