How to make your home extra secure

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No matter what part of the country you live in, there are always people who are looking for trouble. Thankfully, the police work well in most cases and they are doing a great job overall. Having said that, it’s not advisable to rely on someone else entirely and we recommend taking necessary steps to reassure your family home is safe. There is an option for any budget so let’s start from the cheapest and work our way up.

  1. Change locks and fit additional ones with security chain and kickstop – these are the bare minimum essentials, your ten-year-old lock won’t do much against a good old kick, so you better invest couple of hundreds of pounds into your home security.
  2. Install a basic CCTV such as this one – or POI cameras which can record online if you use a service such as Amcrest cloud
  3. Install sensor lights that switch on when movement is detected, these can be very useful as they are quite bright if someone decides to check if anyone’s home
  4. Video door bell – there is a start-up that launched a successful product many praise, this might be the choice for you (FYI there’s been many cheaper alternative since)
  5. Make sure that your garden is trimmed and presentable, not only it looks nice but also lets others know that someone lives there. Overgrown bushes and trees might give the cover they need for burglars or vandals, so don’t give them that opportunity.
  6. It goes without saying but please make sure you have a nice solid fence around your property, it’s not full proof but at least it will keep the folks looking for an easy score
  7. Having a great relationship with your neighbour is one of the best ways to keep you home secured, if you are not home, they can look after it, check out suspicious characters or pop in every now and then when you are away on long trips
  8. A standard alarm with a keypad is a great way to scare uninvited guests away, the gut-wrenching noise is triggered if a passcode isn’t inserted within 30 seconds
  9. Installing good quality shutters on the inside might add a feel of luxury as well as improving security. They normally have their own locks and latches, the materials they are made from is spray-painted softwood which is quite strong, and the privacy improves by miles since you can open/close them when you need to
  10. If you have funds available, building a porch with a second front door would dramatically improve the situation and create extra space. This can be done under permitted developments if it’s no more than three squared meters and no higher than there if it’s a flat roof or four meters at the highest point of a pitched roof. The regulations do change quite often so it’s worth checking the planning portal. 
  11. Automatic gates with intercom – granted this can be expensive, but if you have the means this is highly recommended
  12. New windows and doors will improve your energy consumption, aesthetics and security. The safety features available should be chosen as standard and installed to maximise the results. We have come across a lot of companies over the years, with one needed to be mentioned – Sashed ltd. Manufactured in Europe, delivered within 10 weeks and professionally installed.
  13. How about committing to a pet? Man’s best friend who will look after your family and give immense joy for many years to come. They can be a fearsome guard when you are not home and a playful friend when you are back.
  14. Companies who monitor your property via cameras, sensors and other equipment they may install. It’s somewhat expensive but it’s highly effective.

These must be a way forward to you, just pick one and move ahead. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, if the worst would happen it’s not the valuables you will be worried about but for the wellbeing of your loved ones. Avoid having to deal with these problems at all costs and protect what’s yours.

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