Investing in your staff and management

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If you are fortunate enough to own a business, you need to know some basic truths: look after the people around you, and they will look after you. It’s not an absolute rule and some may take advantage of your good nature, but it’s still worth investing time, money and effort into your staff. Think of it as building your own community where you’d prefer having exceptional individuals who fully participate in the development and success of something you feel passionate about. It’s amazing to think that someone could care about the company as much as yourself if you put the right incentives out there which don’t involve personal greed.

An organisation chart might help with understanding your current structure and what part of your business need to be developed first. This can be achieved by either asking a quality rep for help or finding some templates online and adjusting them to your situation. Being able to compare a chart from a successful company can make all the difference in the world, as you are learning from the ones that are already successful with proper procedures and schemes in place.

Take the time to speak to every member of your team and let them speak first. Don’t rush with expressing your own feelings and ideas, as this will interfere with their thinking and they will be more careful about what they say. Doing this might uncover areas where the business can improve, understand whether everyone is doing what they like and if not how to solve this problem (giving them another task instead of another would do this quickly), and ask for their opinions about daily operations that can be done better. To increase the chances of success, praise them without hesitation for good advice and offer support to help change things.

How to invest in your staff:

  1. Create comfortable facilities for them to work in – this can mean furniture as well as people working around them, keep the ones that inspire and motivate, getting rid of the ones who make everyone miserable. Moral is one of the most valuable assets that you may have, and you should always protect it.  
  2. Take the time and teach them new skills – this is a big one, as this how a company transforms itself. If something is not perfect, the best option would be to try and fix it rather than start from scratch. Delegating tasks that others can take over completely may save you valuable time that can be rather spent on brining in more business and sales.
  3. Look into courses and programmes that may be beneficial for your employees – this is dependant on the industry, but generally there are always 1-2 day courses where some sort of improvement is offered as well as new systems, information in general and strategies.
  4. Reward them when appropriate and turn negatives into positives – all jobs well done should be celebrated no matter how small and mistakes looked at with a pragmatic mindset to analyse and find ways to make sure they don’t happen again
  5. Be social with them outside of work – it’s important to have something else in common than work, so having a drink or a meal together will bring you closer.
  6. Day out and events – paintball, bowling, restaurant, arcade etc, take a pick and let them enjoy

Ultimately, your team is your work family that you need to appreciate and develop with time. It will take some work to get the right people in, but once you have them it will be all worth it as they will make you happy, build a business that you could only hope for and create an amazing atmosphere where you could all excel at. Best of luck and stay positive!

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