More UK Homeowners Doing Renovations After COVID-19 Lockdown

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Perhaps it comes from spending too much time at home these past couple of months, or that the COVID-19 crisis has caused a change in some of us, but a large number of UK homeowners are planning to renovate their homes once the COVID-19 lockdowns are finally lifted.

     A recent survey shows that a large percentage of UK homeowners are planning some form of home renovation project after the COVID-19 lockdown. Some of these renovation projects include loft conversations, extensions, refurbs and more. What’s more, UK homeowners are expected to spend more than £61bn on home improvements post-lockdown this year.

     With more than a third of UK homeowners surveyed stating that they want more space, builders are standing by, waiting to take on these sizable home renovation projects once the COVID-19 lockdown ends. Research shows that, of the £61bn being spent on home improvements, each homeowner will spend an average of £1,179.

Spending Too Much Time At Home

     Perhaps our earlier assumption about people spending too much time at home and getting bored with the way their home looks as more than 53% of homeowners state that they have observed things wrong with their home during lockdown. 35% of them aren’t happy with just a fresh coat of paint and they are planning to have entire rooms renovated.

Common causes for homeowners wanting to start a home renovation project this summer include:

  • Wanting To Redecorate (40%)
  • Craving More Space (28%)
  • Needing Greater Storage (27%)
  • Removing Old Wallpaper (16%)

Top Home Renovation Projects For 2020

     So, what are the new spaces today’s UK homeowners are wanting with their new renovation projects? Let’s take a look:

  • Workstations                        
  • Home Gym                            
  • Home Schooling Area                                      
  • Man Cave                 
  • Playroom
  • Games Room       

     Now that many local builders are able to begin working on client projects again, the industry is seeing a surge in renovation project requests. if you are looking for an experienced, reliable builder who can complete your home renovation project on time and on budget, be sure to call Adam Renovations Ltd now.

Contact Adam Renovations Ltd

     To find out more about UK homeowners doing renovations after COVID-19 lockdown, contact Adam Renovations Ltd, today and speak with a home renovation expert who can answer any questions you might have about your next project.

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