Slough, South Bucks

This fantastic development was completed in March 2019 for a lovely family in Slough. The project involved a complete re-modernization, double storey extension, loft conversion, new layout and landscaping. The initial meeting happened in Summer 2018 where Adam Renovations Ltd were invited for a tender by a known architect in the area. As always, AR responded in timely fashion and organised a site visit the same week. On meeting the clients, we were convinced that we must help this family and bring their ideas to life. They had a clear vision and knew exactly what they wanted, which made our life that much easier. After submitting the quote and a couple of revisions later, we’ve signed the contract. 4 weeks later AR were on site with customers still in the property. To keep the costs down we agreed to work on the outside for two months before going in and taking up the rest of the property. The plan worked well and by the time Adam Renovations could get inside, the external part and the box itself were close to finished. From there the rest of the works were completed according to our programme and the family moved back in on time and as per the JCT contract signed in 2018. Very positive experience for both parties, variations were brought to a minimum and compromises made where ever possible. It was pure joy to work on the project and we hope to see our customers in the future to help them again.

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