This house has been inherited from another builder who wasn’t able to deliver. They had demolished the structural backbone of the house, leaving it supported on only a few temporary props. This site was hazardous and very unstable. Our client, Mr Motesharei, has put his trust in us and we didn’t let him down, by transforming what was left of the existing house, into a 3-bedroom 3-bathroom family house, with an open plan living space & kitchen taking up the entire ground floor of 120 sqm. The main feature of the house is the £40K+ spiral staircase which we supplied and fitted. The project consisted of a loft conversion, double story extension, entire house remodel and full refurbishment. Looking back, the easier and more cost-efficient way was to demolish the entire house and build a new one from scratch, as we are doing right now in NW10, London

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