Site meetings and WHY they are essential

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Let’s assume that you are at a stage where all systems go, the contractor is on site and nothing else is stopping you. The development and preservation of your relationship between all parties is essential, as these are the people you must trust and invest money in, not to mention the time dedicated to all of this. Emailing back and forth can achieve only so much and we highly recommend creating a habit of interacting face to face or at least over the phone or skype. This will dramatically improve the chances of a successful project and a positive experience for everyone. In addition, this will facilitate your future plans and maintenance of current job long after completion. Keep in mind that the bigger the project, the bigger the chances that you will be dealing with your architect or builder 6, 12 or ever 24 months following finalization.

Let’s talk about the benefits of a more personal approach to this and how can this aide you in the long run. Having to know everyone on first name basis shows others that you care not only about the job but also about the people working on it. You are more than a customer; you are an active participant and team player who is looking out for the greater good as well as own interests. This sign of appreciation may go a long way with all involved, inadvertently creating friendships and making the impossible possible.

Aside from the fact that site meetings can increase moral, they may also give you the opportunity to make changes to your original design when it’s not yet too late. All too often the customer finds a better way to build something that works for them only to be informed that this change may costs thousands now and would have cost very little if brought forward sooner. This can be very frustrating which sometimes accompanied by pointing fingers and finding someone to blame. Instead, regular meetings will give the chance to look at individual sections long before they are completed.

Another benefit is that if you have second thoughts about a significant aspect of the works that you may have decided on at the early stage, you can still change by visually inspecting on site and decide based on actuals and not just a vision itself. This is common for the type and size of glazing units, type of brick, roof tiles, garden layout etc. It’s not unheard of moving internal walls in spite of building drawins, replacing one staircase for another or getting a completely different kitchen supplier, all thanks to imagining how it would look like by being present in the moment at the location it was meant to be installed.

Team vision and on-going recommendations can make a huge difference which is why it should be your number one priority to talk to all parties as you never know where that great idea might come from. Where else are you going to get practical advice from people who care and ultimately doing it? This can be wildly underrated, and we encourage you to make the most of it.

It’s no secret that the process can be frustrating and costly, so it makes sense to see progress every now and then for your phycological satisfaction and peace of mind. Having the ability to see the difference between first day of the week and last, can be motivating and inspiring. Don’t get caught up with the downsides and try to focus on the amazing outcome that will soon follow.

Having to put all that dedication on the line and achieving the best result possible is something for everybody to savour. The feeling of admiration and great success will fill you with positivity and make you forget about the harder times not so long ago. Keeping perspective at all times is crucial for the health of the project, people around you and your wallet.

Have an open mind when dealing with anyone, discarding seemingly unimportant advice might cost you a fortune and restrict the chances of a better result.

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