Staying focused on things that matter

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Is there something you’d like to improve in your life, but you find it hard to make the time or stay with your commitments? Do you day dream of better things for yourself but somehow can’t find the strength or will power to make that change? Well, you might want to know that most of us struggle with this, fixating on small things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, getting frustrated about something that was said in your address which was unjustified or getting annoyed if something just isn’t right the way you wanted. It’s easy to say to get over yourself and let go, but in order for this to become reality, a strategy or system must be put in place to see the bigger picture and keep reminding yourself about what matters the most.

  • What is your vision for yourself in 5 years? Are you still working that job, do you drive the same car, do you live in the same house? If you want change, then the below steps of action are for you
  • If it happens that there are things in your life that need to change, perhaps you want to get fit for the summer, take time off work to go on an adventure to another country or something as simple as improve relationships with your loved ones, then you need to start being accountable for time spent on menial activities.  
  • Do you watch more than 2 hours of TV every night because this is a habit you created over the years? This time can be spent in the gym, at work, on a side hustle or researching something new you want to try
  • How well do you eat? You’d think that this doesn’t matter that much but good nutrition will help you stay focused throughout the day, keep you energised as well as having an important habit of eating every 2-3 hours. The rational decision to eat healthier for a purpose during the day will propel you in the right direction with other things such as work, relationships and education
  • Do you feel mentally spent at 5-6pm? This can be the case and you need an hour or two to rest and have dinner. What do you do after that? You can be spending 2-4 hour per night on something that you love, enjoy and that will ultimately bring you closer to your goal. This can be exercises, reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos, talking to people who have what you’d like to achieve for yourself or other things
  • Try to find perspective or vision that is bigger than yourself and keep your focus on it. You will suddenly notice that things that made you annoyed or frustrated will dissipate. Sometimes we have too much time on our hands without putting hard work in toward something meaningful, which is why we tend to find targets for our boredom and what’s easier than complain or criticize.
  • Do you hate to exercise and going to the gym? That’s fine, a lot of us do. But let’s look at it from another viewpoint. Being healthier means you live longer, you will have more energy to go into the world and seek what you wish, you will look better, feel better, attract the like, meet new people, start new friendships and maybe even find someone special. Even so, this doesn’t make you fall in love with sports. However, consider the options: if you hate gym then try running outside, cycling, diving with scuba gear, professional skydiving, weight lifting, cross fit, rowing, skiing, classes, dancing, walking, hiking, etc. What we love to do is say we hate something and then use that to justify our inaction
  • Socialising is very important, and you must go out into the world and interact with others. If you have no friends which happens more often then many of us realise, start caring about others around you and you’ll make more friends in two months talking and taking interest in others then you did in a long time. Don’t try to fulfil your own needs first and it being about only yourself. You have to bring something to the table and your curiosity about another person would do just great.
  • Give yourself some credit, you probably achieved so much already but you just never stop to look how far you’ve come. Celebrate all your wins no matter how small they are as otherwise you will only notice failures, which are part of success and this must be taken on board without dwelling. Picking yourself up and moving forward is a never-ending process.

Choose something meaningful in your life, cherish your existing relationships and what you have achieved to date and strive to become a better person every day. Stay positive and spread the love! 

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