Why build your own home?

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If you need more space and an extension simply isn’t feasible the natural next step is to consider moving. For most people that will mean choosing the best property from the selection available in the area you want to be in. It may mean a move followed by weeks or months of renovation and building work to get the house you want.

So why not start from scratch?

Why not indeed? More and more people are opting to self-build. Deciding to build your own home can be a scary undertaking – it’s a big project after all – but for many people the disadvantages are minor compared to the huge advantages and flexibility that building your own offers. A bespoke build gives you your dream home for a lot less than you might expect.

Your comfort designed in

Once you’ve located a suitable building plot, ideally with outline planning permission for the type of home you want, you’ll want to crack on with the design stage. This is where the architect will listen to your vision and attempt to create a plan for building it. Now is the time to avoid all those niggles that you’ve been putting up with as you can tailor the design to your exact requirements, bearing in mind the budget you’re aiming for.

New home construction is also a great choice if you’re looking for specific features that can be costly to add to an existing structure. For example, adding energy efficiency measures to an older property can cost far more than you’ll ever save on your heating bills. New builds have to meet modern energy efficiency standards and if you want to go further the extra cost of meeting standards such as passivhaus is vastly smaller than retrofitting costs would be.

That doesn’t mean you need to cut corners…

Houses are often bought and sold for far more than their rebuilding cost. Even if you need to clear a space for your dream home it can often turn out to be cheaper – or at least no more expensive – than buying a ready-made house in the same street.

Luxury features such as wetrooms, underfloor heating and mezzanine floors can be expensive, if not impossible, to add to existing houses. Even if you are undertaking a full back-to-brick renovation. With a self-build, many of these features suddenly seem far more affordable.

…or fix the previous owners DIY

It happens so often we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve had to make good when a renovation has revealed some pretty dodgy DIY. Once your new home is signed off you can rest assured that everything is exactly as it should be without any nasty surprises left behind by the previous owner.  And you won’t have to live with their taste in wallpaper either.

Want to know more?

Let us guide you through the process of finding a plot, getting planning permission, drawing plans, and of course building your new home.

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